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Quick Fixes and Home Staging Tips

What Stays When Selling?


  • Free-standing range/oven
  • Built-in appliances
  • Light fixtures
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Towel, Curtain & Drapery Rods
  • Draperies & Window Coverings
  • Attached Floor Coverings
  • Flush-Mounted Speakers
  • Attached Fireplace Equipment
  • Window & Door Screens
  • Sun Screens
  • Storm Windows & Doors
  • Shutters & Awnings
  • Garage Door Openers & Controls
  • Attached TV/Media
  • Stoves:
    • Pellet
    • Wood-Burning
    • Gas-log


  • Antennas/Satellite Dishes
  • Landscaping, Fountains, & Lighting
  • Water-Misting Systems
  • Solar Systems
  • Timers
  • Mailbox
  • Storage sheds
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  1. Disassociate yourself emotionally. Realize the house is your property and that your family's memories will not be sold with the home.
  2. De-personalize the house to ensure that buyers can view the house as their future home, not your past home. Remove all personal belongings, i.e. photographs that are hung on the wall or sitting on end tables.
  3. "Pre-Pack" your house. Remove all knickknacks, collections, and items just sitting around. If you haven’t used a particular item in over 6 months, donate it or toss it out. Think of this “pre-packing” as preparation for your move. The more you are able to pair down now, the less you will have to when the house sells - so don’t procrastinate. Buyers can’t seem to see past alot of clutter and personal belongings. Help them visualize what it may look like if they were to own it and de-clutter as much as possible now!
  4. Organize Closets! The more organized you are in the closets the better:
    • Prepare to Sell Your Sedona Property - Closet
    • Line up shoes
    • Color-code your hanging clothes
    • Make clothes piles orderly and facing the same way
    • Turn all cup handles the same way
    • Neatly stack dishes
    • Alphabetize spice jars
    • Organize the food in your pantry too
    Buyers will look in your closets, the more organized your cabinets are, the more your home will stand out to the buyer.
  5. Rent a Storage Unit to store excessive pieces of furniture. Leave just enough furniture for buyers to see the purpose of each room. Remember, one small couch and an end table will give buyers room to walk around and it will make your living room appear much larger than it may with a couch, end tables, a corner chair, and a loveseat.
  6. Remember - If a buyer never sees it, they won’t want it! If there are items that you will want to keep after the sale, such as fixtures, a chandelier, built-in appliances, or even window coverings, REPLACE THEM NOW. The buyers will not anticipate something staying if they knew it was there.
  7. Fix Minor Problems
    • Prepare to Sell Your Sedona Property - Kitchen
    • Consider a fresh coat of neutral paint
    • Patch holes in walls and doors
    • Fix a leaking faucet
    • Replace burned-out light bulbs
    • Fix drawers that don’t open well
    • Re-caulk tub and showers
    • Replace an old bedspread
    • Switch out cracked tile (floor or counter) with new tiles
  8. Clean the House Until it Sparkles
    • Clean out cobwebs
    • Vacuum Often
    • Get the floors waxed
    • Polish faucets in bathrooms and kitchen
    • Dust EVERYTHING: furniture, ceiling fans, light fixtures - Repeat often
    • Rent a pressure washer and spray down sidewalks and driveway
    • Wash windows inside and out
    • Get rid of all odors! Leave windows open when there is a breeze to air out musty smells
  9. Examine Each Area in each room from the doorway. Start by walking in the front door. Make sure décor on the walls (if any is necessary) is hung straight, along with window coverings. Imagine that you are the buyer as you stop in each doorway. Does the home welcome you? Would you want to buy your home?
  10. Stand at the Curb & Ask Yourself: Prepare to Sell Your Sedona Property - Curb Appeal
    • Is the lawn mowed and bushes trimmed?
    • Are the sidewalks and driveway cleaned off?
    • Can you clearly read the house number?
    • Does the yard and house look appealing in every aspect?
If the buyer is turned away by the presence of your front yard, they won’t see the inside of your home.

Make sure your house makes an impact to every buyer from the moment they drive by!