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Sedona is known to be a city that believes in providing a good atmosphere for families to raise their children. Some families don’t always want to send their kids to public school, especially if they are wanting to continue on in the education to gain a difficult degree that will be even more beneficial in their future. Well, even though Sedona has a very good local high school, that is not always what people want. Sedona also offers another type of school- a local boarding school that is internationally recognized for it’s excellence!

Verde Valley High School (VVS) is a boarding school that serves the Sedona area for a high school education. VVS reaches students from all over the world. Their international/ foreign exchange program allows students from other countries to gain an education in America. This school also offers programs that allow students to be able to travel to other countries to do some of their studies. One big project that is done during their senior year is actually spending a certain amount of time in another country to gain the experience of being in other cultures.

VVS has services to help prepare students for higher education as well. As all schools try to prep students to move forward to college, VVS prepares their students in a way that others don’t always do. They have meetings specifically for college preparation. They also offer college courses right in their class rooms. They look over applications that students are sending out to colleges and they help steer their students to some of the best colleges around America.

VVS is location in the Village of Oak Creek, all the way down Verde Valley School Road. VVS offers dorm rooms for international and local students to live in. That cost is simply added on top of the tuition cost. For more information regarding VVS, visit their website.

If you are interested in sending your children to VVS, contact us about moving to Sedona. We are here to help you throughout your move! Visit our website to search for Sedona Homes for sale or vacant land for sale. You can contact us through email or by calling the RE/MAX Sedona office at your convenience (928-282-4166 x 253). We look forward to hearing from you!

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