#187 – Sedona Star Gazing
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

Greetings from Sedona Property Partners – Broker/Owners of REMAX Sedona

Sometimes you need a break from the busy world that we live in. Some stop to smell the roses while others take a vacation far from home to escape their daily lives. Here in Sedona, we enjoy doing something a little different when we are in need of a break. When we want to take some time for ourselves, we simply enjoy a night under the peaceful stars.

Like those of you from the Midwest will understand, the sky can appear grey or dull blue even on days where no storm or cloud coverage is in the forecast. Here in Sedona we are fortunate to have a bold, bright blue sky and “300 Days of Sunshine“. The lack of cloud coverage (and city lights/smog) allow the gorgeous blue sky to transform into complete midnight black to showcase the exceptional, bright-shining star constellations.

We love living in our small town of Sedona because we are able to enjoy beautiful nights outdoors under the stars.There is nothing more amazing than watching shooting stars over shadows of the red rocks! Sedona is truly a beautiful place for stargazing!

If you are like us and want to enjoy evenings out on your patio, make sure you find a Sedona Property with ample outdoor living. This way you can relax under the stars whenever you want! Visit our website for information about living in Sedona and searching online for Sedona homes for sale. If we can assist in your search in any way please call us at 928-282-4166 x 253 or email us directly anytime. As for now, we’re off to enjoy a perfect Sedona Starry October Night!

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