#13 – Local Wineries
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona AZ

Greetings from Rob & Pam Schabatka – Broker/Owners of RE/MAX Sedona

Page Springs Road is luscious and green with several vineyards’ producing plentiful grapes and exquisite wine, made on site. Although we recommend that you take an afternoon and enjoy the drive, view the vineyards and attend a wine tasting; you can view our drive through Page Springs on the video below.

How to Get There

Drive through Page Springs, located off of State Route 89A between Sedona and Cottonwood and view the vineyards, wineries, and places to buy fresh fruit.

How Much it Costs

Did you know many Sedona restaurants and stores sell locally grown foods and beverages? Some of the best local wine comes from Wineries in Page Springs. Prices for wine tastings vary depending on which winery you attend.

If you enjoy feeling like you are deep in nature, near the creek, vineyards, and fresh fruit farms while only being 15 minutes outside of Sedona City Limits, view Page Springs Homes For Sale and visit our RE/MAX Sedona Website to answer general real estate questions or contact us at 928-821-3508 or 928-282-4166 to find a property in Page Springs/Cornville, AZ.