#130 – Sedona AZ’s Proximity to Jerome
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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A part of Sedona that all of the residents here love is the scenery. Sedona is a place that draws people in by the unique characteristics such as Red Rocks, Oak Creek and the various vortexes. One thing that we really love about living in Sedona is our town’s uniqueness compared to the surrounding towns. If we want a change of scenery for a special occasion, it doesn’t take long to get out of town and find the perfect spot!

Jerome is another tourist town in Arizona, only 40 minutes from Sedona. Jerome’s unique atmosphere attracts Sedona residents who love to walk through the shops and restaurants! Jerome is known as a “ghost town”, the location of an old insane asylum that served the Sedona-Verde Valley area. This makes Jerome especially fun at Halloween time!

Jerome’s rustic, old-fashion look provides the perfect spot for photography opportunities or just a day walking through the old boutique shops. We love spending time in Jerome! Photography is one of the main ways Jerome attracts people from Sedona. Red Rock High School photography students usually take trips to Jerome to capture photos with a different abstract look behind them.

A note for the chocolate lover – the fudge factory is one of our favorite parts of the town. The homemade fudge is “to die for”. No matter what draws you into Jerome, our advice is to stop at the fudge factory to pick up a snack for the way home!

Sedona’s proximity to Jerome is our #130 Reason to live in Sedona. Do you want to live close enough to visit Jerome frequently without having to live in the “vertical” city? Visit our website to find property in Sedona so that you can go to Jerome anytime! Feel free to email us or call us at 928-282-4166 x 253 if you have any questions while viewing the website or if you would like more information about Sedona! We look forward to hearing from you!

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#129 – Every 15 Minutes
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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One thing that we love about Sedona is its sense of community. There are so many events that Sedona hosts to make Sedona feel like home. As older Sedona Residents, we always try to reach out to the younger generation. One of the big events that the Sedona Fire Department puts on for our youth at Sedona Red Rock High School is Every 15 Minutes.

Every 15 Minutes in a program to raise awareness about driving under the influence, with a focus on the influence of alcohol. The issue across America is that every 15 minutes, someone somewhere in the United States is killed in a car accident related to drinking and driving. The Sedona Fire Department, as stated in the press release, “offers real-life experience without the real-life risks” by creating a mock auto accident in the middle of the football field at Red Rock High School.

They involve students to play roles in the crash, and at the end of the afternoon two students are announced “dead”. The student that was “driving” was taken to jail for the afternoon. All along the way, the students are followed and taped on video to record their reactions to the accident. Even though students know that this is a fake accident, the pretend death of their peers bring to life this issue across America with drinking and driving.

The program was April 18th and 19th, 2013. The first day, the crash happened. Prior to the students being shown the head-on crash on the field, they were shown a video of their peers. One group of students were on their way to a movie, while the others were on a beer run during a party. Then, two students were announced dead at the car crash scene. After the students were shook up from the shock of the first day, the Fire Department hosted a court arraignment where the “drunk driver” was sentenced to years in jail along with several fines. After this, two funerals were held for the students that passed away. In the meantime, students involved in the program wrote letters to their parents that began with “Dear Mom and Dad, every fifteen minutes someone in the United States dies from an alcohol related traffic collision, and today I died. I never had the chance to tell you…….”. At this point, the “dead” students got to stand behind a sheet and read their letter to their family, bringing the situation more to life.

Another part in the program is were real victims of drinking and driving accidents share their story. This year, Kelly Taylor shared his story about being paralyzed at the age of 27, 16 years ago, because he drank and drove. This showed the students a lot of the different angles in which driving under the influence can change your life forever. We feel strongly about supporting the Fire Department in this outreach to High School Juniors & Seniors.

This program is held every 2-3 years right before prom and graduation to help prevent students from drinking and driving and also to encourage good behavior. This program makes the youth change their mindset from feeling invincible to knowing that the risks they take can be life threatening. Sedona is known to host many events, such as Every 15 Minutes, to bring the community together and help encourage the youth to grow up to be the best person they can be.

If you would like to join this community, visit our Sedona Real Estate Website to find homes and property for sale. You can always email or call us at the RE/MAX Sedona Office at 928-282-4166 x 253 for more information regarding Sedona. We look forward to hearing from you!

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#124 – Schnebly Hill Tour
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

Greetings from Sedona Property Partners – Broker/Owners of REMAX SedonaSchnebly Hill Road

Schnebly Hill Road is a famous scenic drive in Sedona. The view from the top of the drive is a sight that no one would ever want to miss! One of our favorite tours around Sedona would have to be Schnebly Hill! This view is definitely a reason to live in Sedona. Take a moment and breathe it in!

Schnebly Hill, another route from Sedona to the neighboring town of Flagstaff, is a popular route for the Pink Jeep Tours to take. The Pink Jeep Tours take Sedona tourists on rides all around Sedona. They off-road through the red rocks and 4wheel in the areas that the majority of people would never dare to go. In the case of Schnebly Hill, the tracks left by these jeeps can be followed by other vehicles. This is what we follow when we want to take a little adventure into the wilderness!

Schnebly Hill Road is a prime location in Sedona. the views from the top of the hill are an expression of Sedona’s beauty. After the first big turn in the road, people like to stop to take photos of the view of Sedona, but the real prize is the view from the top! Don’t turn back early, it’s worth the wait! Just make sure to have a truck, jeep or 4wheeler to get yourself to the top of the rocky road. We feel its like seeing the Grand Canyon, it’s just something you have to do once in your life, you won’t regret it!

This trail is an access to Flagstaff; however, majority of the year it is closed due to unsafe driving availability. There is a gate at the top of the Sedona portion of the drive that gets locked whenever the road is closed. This happens in the winter and sometimes during Summer Monsoon Season.

The view from the top is unbelievable. On one side you are enclosed in a bowl of Red Rocks, and on the other side you are facing a wall of pine trees, showing that you are halfway between the two worlds. You are able to see the diversity of Flagstaff vs Sedona. This view really shows Sedona’s remarkable beauty that no other place has to offer!

Sedona is a very unique place, filled with red rocks, desert landscape and lush vegetation by the creek! No neighboring town has the same qualities of Sedona.  Want to live among the Red Rocks? Consider buying a home or property in Sedona. Visit our website to search Sedona Homes for Sale and property in the Verde Valley. For any questions you may run into, email us or call us at the RE/MAX Sedona Office at 928-282-4166 x 253. We are here to assist your needs in anyway that we can! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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#117 – Sedona “Staycations”
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

If you have ever been to Sedona, you know how lucky we are with Red Rock Views throughout the town. With money being tight for many people, numerous families are forced to stay close to home for vacation. As a result, the term “Stay-cation” has become very popular. Luckily for us, the Enchantment Resort is a great option for us in Sedona and is surrounded by some of the best Red Rock Vistas in town at the mouth of Boynton Canyon.

The Enchantment Resort is located in West Sedona (map) and is about to finish up on a two year, $25 million renovation project. The recent press article mentioned that all of the 218 casita-style guestrooms benefited from the remodel. The project opened up more meeting space and doubled the size of the pool.

In addition to all of the improvements, the resort boasts the award winning – Mi Amo Spa. Services include everything from meals prepared in the Mi Amo Cafe to Native American inspired full-service spa treatments to indoor and outdoor pools with breathtaking red rock views. This resort really should be added to everyone’s bucket list!

Whether you are a local and just need an opportunity to unplug for a few nights, or are new to the area, we believe the Enchantment Resort is a wonderful reason to live in Sedona. Click above on their website and look for specials and deals available for your dates.

During your stay, if you decide you want to stay in Sedona a little longer, give us a call and we would love to show you Luxury Sedona Real Estate. There are plenty of Sedona Housing options around town that have just as spectacular Red Rock Views. We can even get you in to the see the Amazing Enchantment Casitas and Seven Canyons Villas. Give us a call at 928.821.3508 or at the office 928.282.4166 ext. 253. You can also Email Us at any time. Good luck with your search and let us know how your stay was here at the Enchantment Resort.

#112 – “Believe in Ashley” A SRRHS Community Benefit for Student in Need
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

Greetings from Rob & Pam Schabatka – Broker/Owners of REMAX Sedona

Have you seen the Believe in Ashley fliers in local businesses around Sedona? Believe in Ashley is a benefit that took place last night in support of Ashley Hook.

“Hook was surprised by the benefit and thanked everyone involved. Yet, she saw a good aspect outside of herself.
‘I’m really happy to see how much people are coming together. It proves how much a small town pitches in at a time like this,’ Hook said.”  ~Click for Full article

In times of need, the Sedona Community steps up to assist & support those in need. Sedona had to step up last night and support Ashley Hook, a senior at Sedona Red Rock High, and boy did they do a great job!

Ashley Hook was a cheerleader, on the Student Council and played an active part in her school & community until December of last year when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ovarian cancer. This beautiful 18 year old girl had to face the hard truth that she would be battling cancer instead of enjoying the remaining part of her senior year of high school. Ashley’s positive attitude & spirit inspires many. Click here for a video from CBS 5 news about Ashley’s mindset.

Believe in Ashley, a fundraiser event that took place last night at the Sedona Performing Arts Center in SRRHS, was nothing short of amazing. Believe in Ashley demonstrated just how much the Sedona community and our local High School gives in order to support a community/family member in need. The evening started with a limo (donated by a community member) arriving to Ashley’s house full of Cheerleaders who all got ready together and rode to the event sipping sparkling cider.

The event consisted of:

  • An abundant silent auction of items donated from local businesses such as a 7 night stay at any Diamond Resort in the country
  • Gourmet food provided by local restaurants
  • Encouraging speeches from Ashley’s principal, teachers, coach, & friends
  • An incredible concert/performance by various SRRHS musical groups and cheerleaders for the 600+ guests to enjoy.
  • Ashley even got up on stage to express her gratitude to everyone involved: Video on Facebook.

Rehearsal for Don’t Stop Believing

The inspirational night ended with all groups performing as one to the Journey’s song “Don’t Stop Believing” and then the girls were escorted back into the limo.

One community member stated that the Believe in Ashley event “Rocked the walls of the Sedona Performing Arts Center”, it was a night to remember for all.

From the donation of people’s time to the limo ride and everything in between, this event was truly a display of how our community is irreplaceable in good times and bad. If you would like to join our community we encourage you to research on our Sedona Real Estate Website or view a list of Sedona Homes for Sale.

You can contact us at 928-821-3508 or at our REMAX Sedona office at 928-282-4166 x 253. We look forward to hearing from you!

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#110 – Impressive Music Culture of Sedona AZ
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

Greetings from Rob & Pam Schabatka – Broker/Owners of REMAX Sedona

Another impressive event, courtesy of the Sedona International Film Festival, These Three Tenors will perform in Sedona AZ on March 24, 2012!­­­­­­­­­­­

“World-renowned, extraordinary, a must see”! These are some of the phrases heard when discussing These Three Tenors and their performances. Sedona will be hosting the event on the 24th at 7:00pm in the Sedona Red Rock High School’s Sedona Performing Arts Center.

We recommend purchasing tickets early do to the event will be first come, first served. Tickets will be priced at $20, $30 or $40 for this family-oriented night out in Sedona. Rumor has it that the performance will range from Broadway to Opera and wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to Frank Sinatra! For more information please visit the Sedona Film Festival Website.

A reason for living in Sedona is the musical variety & culture provided to the public. Thinking about joining the Sedona Community? Visit our Sedona Real Estate website for a list of current Sedona Homes for Sale or Search the Inventory to find the perfect Sedona Property for you! We are available to answer any questions you may have as well as show you any property you come across. You can reach us at our RE/MAX Sedona Office located in the West Sedona Safeway Shopping Center at 928-282-4166 x 253 or directly at 928-821-3508. We look forward to hearing from you!

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#109 – Sedona’s Convenience to Snowbowl Ski Resort
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

Greetings from Rob & Pam Schabatka – Broker/Owners of REMAX Sedona

As some of you have seen in our previous post, sometimes Sedona gets a late spring snowing. One perk about that is Sedona residents can sneak off to Snowbowl Ski Resort. Well it is not as large as some of Colorado’s ski resorts, Snowbowl is perfect for that beginner/ intermediate snowboarder & skier that wants to get out in nature and
shred the mountain, a.k.a experience the snow and gorgeous blue skies!

Snowbowl is located in Flagstaff, Arizona and is a quick 45 minutes from Sedona’s Red Rocks. For many Sedona residents, winter weather means lots of trips up the Oak Creek Canyon to play in the snow of Flagstaff. As many of you know, Sedona’s winters consist of warm weather with sparse snowfalls that typically melt by noon the following day. That is why Sedona’s proximity to Snowbowl (and Flagstaff in general) allows the community of Sedona to experience seasons such as winter snowstorms.

Please click here for more information about Snowbowl’s Schedule and Passes.

Thinking about moving to Sedona from a colder part of the country, but are scared that you will miss out on winter because Sedona doesn’t receive much snow? Rest assured! Snowbowl has you covered; you can experience a winter wonderland, then drive home to Sedona, warm up & forget about having to shovel snow in order to leave the house.

For those of you attracted to Sedona’s moderate climate, we would like to invite you to use our Free Sedona MLS Search. Our Sedona Property for Sale Website allows you to Research the Sedona Area, Search for the perfect Sedona Property & and learn about Sedona Real Estate from the professionals – all free of cost!

If you are with us in Sedona we hope you enjoy the snow while it lasts, otherwise check out our Facebook/SedonaProperty for some incredible photos!





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#108 – Spring Break Snowfall – Sedona AZ
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

Greetings from Rob & Pam Schabatka – Broker/Owners of REMAX Sedona

We are much better at predicting the Sedona Real Estate Market than the weather – as those of you who receive our monthly newsletter have seen. Filmed one week prior, our Sedona Market Update Video boasts about an active market due to the gorgeous weather & blue skies. Just days after filming, Sedona is currently in the midst of a cold front and the heaviest snowfall of the year.

In the video (http://youtu.be/83FxnHRs2hg) we showcase one of our Sedona Properties for Sale, specifically a tree in full bloom. You can see the tree as it stands today, bearing several inches of snow.

Today’s reason to live in Sedona is the typical Spring Snowfall. You can almost be certain that within weeks of Easter there will be a final illustration of winter. Usual snowfalls will sprinkle Sedona’s Red Rocks in the late afternoon and as soon as the sun appears the next day the snow will have disappeared. Heavy storms on average last less than a week. As for Spring Break – March 2012, we have our coats & boots on and hot chocolate in hand as we are enjoying the incredible scenery.

Many Sedona residents, including us, love living in Sedona because of the ‘perfect’ weather we get to take advantage of. Our 300+ days of sunshine allow locals & visitors to hike the Red Rocks, bike through Sedona trails and live surrounded by nature year round.

Interested in previewing Sedona Real Estate? Browse our Website today for Sedona Property for Sale or to do your own Custom Sedona MLS Search! Call Rob & Pam Schabatka at 928-821-3508 or at their RE/MAX Sedona Office at 928-282-4166 x 253 for any and all information about buying or selling Sedona Property.

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#106 – Annual Sedona Native Plant Workshop
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

Greetings from Rob & Pam Schabatka – Broker/Owners of REMAX Sedona

Living in Sedona means there is various opportunities to intertwine with nature. Homeowners tend to their own gardens, hike trails just outside their backdoors & participate in community events that better the Sedona community and environment.

One such event is the 33rd Annual Native Plant Workshop presented by the Keep Sedona Beautiful Team. This year’s event topics include Planting the Rain, Practices and Tips & Getting the best from your Native Plants.

Event Details

The Native Plant Workshop is held at West Sedona School @ 570 Posse Ground Road on Saturday, March 24th beginning at 8:30 am. If you purchase tickets ahead of time they are $20 for KSB members and $30 for Sedona public. Tickets purchased the day of are an additional $10. Tickets include:

  • 2 Keynote Speakers (on this year’s two topics)
  • Choice of 2 Workshops
  • Silent Auction
  • Lunch

Workshops include:

  • Composting
  • Highlands Cacti
  • Insects for Home & Garden
  • Native Plant Essential Oils
  • Hydroponics
  • Fire Ecology
  • Invasive & Noxious Weeds
  • Container Gardening

You can purchase your tickets now at www.KeepSedonaBeautiful.org or 928-282-4938.

We understand that a yard that has the capacity for a garden and/or backs to national forest service is important to many Sedona residents. You can browse the Sedona Real Estate Inventory here or perform a Custom Sedona MLS Search of what specs of a property are important to you and your family. For more information or to answer any question, please contact us at 928-821-3508 or 928-282-4166 ext 253 or Rob@SedonaProperty.net. You can always visit http://SedonaProperty.net for Current Sedona Real Estate Information.

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#92 – Black Friday Shopping in Nearby Cities
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

Greetings from Rob & Pam Schabatka – Broker/Owners of REMAX Sedona

We all know Black Friday is coming; the ads in print and on television are becoming more frequent as the days get closer to Friday, November 23rd. If you live in Sedona already or are visiting for the Holiday we would like you to know that Black Friday Shopping is convenient for Sedona residents.

Even though we spend Thanksgiving surrounded by Sedona’s nature and the love of family and friends doesn’t mean that we can’t join the ‘rat race’ to get the best deal on Black Friday. With larger cities close to Sedona AZ, every year that we are in Sedona we make sure we set our alarms early the day after Thanksgiving.

Cities where Sedona Residents can Black Friday Shop:

  • Cottonwood AZ: Only a 30 minute drive to Walmart & Home Depot
  • Flagstaff AZ & Prescott AZ: Driving 45 minutes to an hour will center you around a selection of department stores including, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Best Buy, a variety of furniture stores, etc.
  • Phoenix AZ: Two hours south of Sedona is Arizona’s capital city full of stores hosting Black Friday Sales. If you wake up early enough to drive to Phoenix, the shopping possibilities are endless!

Interested in living in Sedona AZ? Search our website, http://SedonaProperty.net for lists of Sedona Property for Sale or use our Free Sedona MLS Search to find the perfect Sedona home or vacant lot for you. Please contact us with any and all questions at 928-821-3508 or 928-282-4166 ext 253. Thank you!

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