#133 – Laser Light Show & Concert
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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What do you have planned for the 4th of July in Sedona? Well, as you should know, with all the fire danger in Arizona, fireworks have become almost obsolete. So, the city of Sedona has come up with another show to keep it’s residents satisfied on the 4th of July!

Diamond Resorts, along with the city of Sedona Parks and Recreation Department, have put together an entire evening for the residents of Sedona. It will be an event for the whole family, people of all ages will love this show. Beginning at 6:30pm at Sedona Red Rock High School, there will be vendors serving food. These include some of Sedona’s favorite restaurants like Zainey’s Yogurt, Red Rock BBQ, Thai Palace Uptown, and of course, the Sedona Fudge Co. These vendors will be open on the baseball field until 8:30pm, throughout the entire concert performed by David Parker and the Big Time Band. This will be a evening you don’t want to miss, especially because it’s free!

After the concert is finished and everyone is fed, the real fun begins. There will be a Laser Light Show. This is a choreographed laser light show that lasts about an hour. To bring in the theme of independence day, the light show will be choreographed to patriotic music. This is the second annual event and we heard it will be “way better than last year”. The lights will start up at 8:45pm, don’t be late!

After doing the event last year, the City of Sedona and Diamond Resort has made some changes to improve the evening. These changes include more vendors for food, more lights in the laser show, also choreographed to patriotic music, which was not part of last year. There are also more restrooms located down by the baseball field and extra parking at the Cultural Park Place across the highway from the high school.

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#110 – Impressive Music Culture of Sedona AZ
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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Another impressive event, courtesy of the Sedona International Film Festival, These Three Tenors will perform in Sedona AZ on March 24, 2012!­­­­­­­­­­­

“World-renowned, extraordinary, a must see”! These are some of the phrases heard when discussing These Three Tenors and their performances. Sedona will be hosting the event on the 24th at 7:00pm in the Sedona Red Rock High School’s Sedona Performing Arts Center.

We recommend purchasing tickets early do to the event will be first come, first served. Tickets will be priced at $20, $30 or $40 for this family-oriented night out in Sedona. Rumor has it that the performance will range from Broadway to Opera and wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to Frank Sinatra! For more information please visit the Sedona Film Festival Website.

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#88 – Sedona AZ’s Teen Center & Skate Park
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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In Sedona, the public majority is middle-aged working citizens and retirees. Because of this, the community has put forth great effort in creating space for our youth to have places to interact with each other and mature.

Locally known as the ‘teen center’, the now Boys & Girls Club hopes to, “…inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.” Located in Posse Grounds at 480 Posse Ground Rd, the teen center is a place that has something for everyone.

With a modern facility that includes an outdoor skate park and use of the basketball courts & other sports fields, this is the place to be for any Sedona teenager. Be sure to check out their schedule because the teen center is known for hosting events such as Skating Tournaments, “Battle of the Bands”, “Club Night” and much more.

If you have children and are thinking about moving to Sedona we recommend thinking about living in West Sedona. By experience with our three children, kids appreciate living within walking distance to Posse Grounds and the Teen Center.

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