#130 – Sedona AZ’s Proximity to Jerome
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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A part of Sedona that all of the residents here love is the scenery. Sedona is a place that draws people in by the unique characteristics such as Red Rocks, Oak Creek and the various vortexes. One thing that we really love about living in Sedona is our town’s uniqueness compared to the surrounding towns. If we want a change of scenery for a special occasion, it doesn’t take long to get out of town and find the perfect spot!

Jerome is another tourist town in Arizona, only 40 minutes from Sedona. Jerome’s unique atmosphere attracts Sedona residents who love to walk through the shops and restaurants! Jerome is known as a “ghost town”, the location of an old insane asylum that served the Sedona-Verde Valley area. This makes Jerome especially fun at Halloween time!

Jerome’s rustic, old-fashion look provides the perfect spot for photography opportunities or just a day walking through the old boutique shops. We love spending time in Jerome! Photography is one of the main ways Jerome attracts people from Sedona. Red Rock High School photography students usually take trips to Jerome to capture photos with a different abstract look behind them.

A note for the chocolate lover – the fudge factory is one of our favorite parts of the town. The homemade fudge is “to die for”. No matter what draws you into Jerome, our advice is to stop at the fudge factory to pick up a snack for the way home!

Sedona’s proximity to Jerome is our #130 Reason to live in Sedona. Do you want to live close enough to visit Jerome frequently without having to live in the “vertical” city? Visit our website to find property in Sedona so that you can go to Jerome anytime! Feel free to email us or call us at 928-282-4166 x 253 if you have any questions while viewing the website or if you would like more information about Sedona! We look forward to hearing from you!

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#103 – Valentine’s Weekend on the Verde Canyon Railroad
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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There are plenty of reasons to live in Sedona. One of our favorites is the many romantic activities you can do with your spouse & family. This year we decided to  to research the options for Valentine’s Day Weekend and we discovered the Verde Canyon Railroad features a train ride as one of the best ways to spend this year’s holiday with your loved ones.

If you are looking to supercharge the typical Valentine’s Day chocolates, then delight in knowing your loved one will enjoy every delectable moment on the Chocolate Lover’s Train. As you ride throughout over a century of Verde Valley History, you will be provided an assortment of chocolate hors d’oeuvres to sample accompanied by specialty cocktails & flavored coffee.

Perfectly said on the Chocolate Lover’s Train event flyer, “Valentine’s Day occurs right in the middle of Eagle watch season. Appropriate. Eagles mate for life. Isn’t that romantic?” If you are in Sedona for the holiday weekend, we recommend bringing your Valentine on a ride in paradise for an unforgettable romantic experience.

You can expect rides on the Chocolate Lover’s Train to be full of lavish accommodations, fabulous food and extraordinary surroundings. The train is scheduled to ride February 9th through the 19th.

The reasoning behind the premier Valentine’s train is due to the Verde Canyon Railroad celebrating it’s 100th year. This Verde Valley historic experience is one you won’t want to miss out on. For more information please contact the railroad at 1-800-293-7245 or visit their website.

Have you come to love Sedona more and more with every visit? Why not make today the day you find your Sedona Home? Gorgeous homes, unmatchable views, perfect climate for outdoor activities, and subdivisions with luxurious amenities; Sedona is the ideal place to spend more than the holiday weekend.

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We look forward to helping you find the perfect Sedona Property to begin your new life in our amazing community.

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#97 – Verde Valley Sky Diving
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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Indescribable. Awe-inspiring. Exhilarating? Sedona may be described as many things to different people but exhilarating is not a frequent term we hear. Unless… you just got done with a Verde Valley Skydiving experience, then your Sedona depiction is all the more unique.

If you are a daring soul looking for adventure with an unmatchable view than skydiving near Sedona is just the place! Red Rock Skydiving gives visitors & locals the chance of a lifetime. Just take a look at this amazing photo, courtesy of the Red Rock Skydiving website.

Red Rock Skydiving Information
Located at the Cottonwood Airport (second entrance) Red Rock Skydiving allows first time jumpers as well as experienced jumpers to soar throughout blue skies of Sedona & the Verde Valley. Beginner prices are as follows, according to their website:

  • 1 to 4 people – $225 per person
  • 5 or more people, student* or military* – $215 per person

For more information please contact Red Rock Skydiving at (928) 649-8899 or jump@redrockskydiving.com.

Impressed with Sedona AZ’s natural beauty? Make Sedona Red Rock Country your backyard! Search Sedona Property Here or view a list of Sedona Homes for Sale with Red Rock Views. If you would like any other Sedona Real Estate information please Contact Us via Email or call us at 928-821-3508 or at our RE/MAX Sedona Office at 928-282-4166 ext 253.

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#59 – Jerome AZ
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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Living in Sedona, we feel very fortunate for our location in proximity to the many interesting towns in the Verde Valley, particularly Jerome, AZ. Legendary for being the “One of America’s Most Vertical City” and “Arizona’s Best Ghost Town” Jerome is a must-see for any Arizona tourist.

We love Jerome for the year-round artistic atmosphere and unique boutique shops. Taking a drive up Cleopatra Hill to spend the day browsing and people watching is never a dull experience. During the month of October Jerome has several spooky events, including a Guided Ghost Walk and the Fireman’s Halloween Ball.

Jerome’s Halloween Ball

On Friday, October 29th the Jerome Firemen will host the 35th annual Halloween Ball located at Spook Hall on Hull Ave. This adult only ball has been voted the ‘best costume party in the United States’. Starting at 8pm this $10 event includes live entertainment and a cash bar, with all proceeds benefiting the local fire department. If you have too much fun in Jerome, don’t worry. There is a “haunted” hotel that may have space to accommodate “patients”.

The Haunted Hotel

We dare all of you audacious people to spend the night in the Jerome Grand Hotel in the days near Halloween. The hotel is located in the historically renovated building of twentieth century hospital that has been haunted since its days of treating patients with psychological illnesses. HauntedHouses.com claims,

“The people in the hospital and today in the hotel hear talking, coughing, hard breathing, moaning and cries of distress from pain on every floor, which came not from the living patients / people themselves but from past ones no longer there in bodily form.”

Spend a night in the Grand Hotel and you might just get more entertainment than you paid for.

If you are interested in reveling in Jerome’s unique atmosphere but would like to come home at the end of the day to a quieter ambiance, you may want to consider Sedona. Please click here to view a list of Sedona Property for Sale. To conduct your own search of Sedona/Verde Valley Real Estate please use our website’s Free MLS Search.

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