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Buying Sedona Foreclosures - The Basics

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Terms to Know

Distressed Property
A marketing term used by Realtors® to define a property that has missed at least one payment.
Short Sale
A property that has a current market value less than what is owed for the debt(s). A then bank agrees to take less than the amount owed on the property as payment for the transfer.
The legal process where a lender regains title to the property due to the lack of payment by the property owner.
Property currently owned by a lending institution. REOs typically are resold quickly due to the nature of the banking business - Banks prefer to lend money rather than have it tied up in an actual physical piece of real estate.

Foreclosure Myth

Current Sedona Foreclosures

The media and the scuttlebutt on the street seem to be urging everyone to buy a foreclosure these days. “They’re great Deals…” or “…You only want to look at Foreclosures” seems to be everyone’s slogan. While we agree there are some great Sedona Foreclosure Deals, some caution is needed when looking to purchase one of these great value pieces of real estate.

Buying a foreclosure can be one of the most shrewd real estate moves a person can make in their lifetime. It could also be one of the biggest mistakes a person could ever make if they are uniformed about their risks. Look over the remaining info to determine if buying a Sedona Foreclosure is the right move for you.

What To Look For

There can be a lot of unknowns when purchasing a foreclosure. The person who lived in the residence most recently is typically no longer in the picture. The most recent history of the home is unknown; therefore a lot of uncertainty can cause some major grief. By law, the previous owner in a typical transaction must disclose anything pertinent to a potential homebuyer that may affect the decision whether or not to purchase that property. No previous owner means - no previous property information. How can you minimize this risk?

The most important task when buying a foreclosure is to determine what work needs to be done on the residence to make it habitable and to resolve any defects prior to the purchase. The majority of our Sedona Foreclosures are in good condition. Some may need more work than others, but overall the majority of the residences do not live up to some of the horror stories of other foreclosures throughout the nation.

However, we highly recommend a home inspection be completed with each purchase in order to have an independent party determine what issues may arise after move-in. Multiple inspections may be more necessary than what is typically needed for a traditional property purchase. Remember the amount of potential savings on the Foreclosure’s Purchase Price can more than make up for the increase in inspection fees. In addition, any major repairs needed after the fact may negate the savings incurred from the purchase as well.

Things to focus on during inspections:

  • Plumbing
  • Roof
  • Electrical
  • Water Damage
  • Deferred Maintenance
  • Appliances

Builder By Trade

One thing that Rob can bring to the Foreclosure Buying Process is his experience as a custom home builder. As a builder by trade, some of the issues that buying a Foreclosure may uncover can be addressed immediately with Rob’s expertise.

For some issues of room additions or better ways to improve living areas, Rob has experience in remodeling and many contacts of reputable local companies for pricing quotes. In addition, he has a relative high knowledge of building regulations and can help you determine the right avenues to pursue if city and county approval is needed for your Sedona Property alterations.

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It is always important to have a group of talented companies helping you fix your Sedona Property. Rob & Pam have lived in the Sedona area since 1979 and have met some very skilled residents. Check out the group they have assembled for the times they need some extra help on their Sedona Real Estate.

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