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365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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One reason we love living in Sedona is the way our community draws people in. Did you know that Sedona has roughly 12,000 residents and attracts about 5 million people per year? We love browsing through local stores such as Son Silver West Gallery, Inc. and talking with people from across the globe!

Located on Hwy 179, the Son Silver West Gallery can be spotted by the giant chicken sitting out on the road. This statue is the landmark for this local shop. Locals may not know the name “Son Silver West Gallery” but we sure know the eclectic shop with authenic mexican furniture and decor as “the place with the big chicken”. The gallery is located halfway between what is known as West Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek.

We love stopping at this gallery, we could browse for hours! Our main focus though is shopping for out-of-town friends and family. The gallery is filled with western and traditional southwest art as well as authentic ad rustic mexican decor. There are also a numerous Sedona souvenirs, such as scorpion suckers, 10 foot tall chili pepper chains and all sorts of little cactus in pots, perfect for the home!

The Son Silver West Gallery is the place to go when you need to bring a little piece of Sedona somewhere else. If you want to see some of the interesting items visit the Son Silver West Gallery website for photos and more information. However, if you are in the Sedona area – browsing in person is a must!

Do you currently live in Sedona and are considering upgrading to a Sedona Home that better fits your rustic art from places like Son Silver West? Please use our Free Sedona MLS Search at your leisure. We provide tools on our website that help you locate the Sedona Property of your dreams!

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