#184 – Sedona’s Coffee Shop Culture
365 Reasons to Live in Sedona

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For those of you who are unaware, Sedona has a quirky reputation for New-Age groups, alien enthusiasts and the like. We are proud to have such a colorful identity, although in all reality such characters are not necessarily a daily part of life in Sedona. That is not until you spend a morning at Java Love. This is where you will be enlightened, entertained and perhaps swayed by the “local flavor”.

Java Love is not alone when it comes to Sedona Coffee Shops – we have a couple Starbucks’ in Uptown and West Sedona, Whole Foods Market located next to the West Sedona Chase bank, Firecreek and Desert Flour in the Village of Oak Creek, among others.

In addition to well-made drinks, pastries and breakfast items Sedona Coffee Shops are guaranteed to leave you with a story to tell later. There is nothing more captivating than spending some time talking with visitors from around the world as well as Sedona locals. Occasionally you will catch a glimpse of people dressed in costume for a truly memorable experience. Yes we know that Halloween is coming up, but we aren’t talking about Halloween Costumes here in Sedona we have some people that dress in everyday outfits (costumes) and we LOVE it!

Do you want to have coffee with Sedona locals on a regular basis? Find out what the Sedona Real Estate market has to offer. If you have any questions regarding Sedona Homes for sale or vacant land for sale, email or call us at your convenience (928-282-4166 x 253). We are happy to help!

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